We believe in a world where humans and robots live in symbiotic harmony.

Since our we've been on a single mission: to bring robots to the masses.

We want to work with all like-minded visionaries to kickstart a robotics ecosystem. And we are offering an affordable, open, human scale personal robot platform to start the revolution.

Meet Luna!

Luna is a personal robot for everyone, capable of many tasks.


What Can Luna Do?

Luna can be programmed to run a variety of tasks and applications.


Nothing Short of Revolutionary.

Every home deserve a robot. To get there we need robot platforms, but also apps services and accessories that expand the capability of our robots. PCs, Mobiles, and Tablets all began to succeed because people who believed in each new platform, began innovating. We are now presenting to you, the newest disruptive platform: an open personal robot platform!


Luna ships with ROS installed so its very easy to make apps and accessories for Luna. Robot Operating System (ROS) is an open source Linux-based library that abstracts Luna’s hardware as well as many of┬áher functions. And with a growing online community and lots of online support, ROS enables the rapid development of apps and services.


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